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miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010

-You still believe this is a dream, do you?

-Of course, this has all come from my own mind.

-Which would mean...that I'm not real?

-I'm afraid so. You're just a figment of my imagination.


-I would dream up someone who's half mad.

-Yes, yes, but you would have to be half mad to dream me up.

-I must be then.


-I'll miss you when I wake up.


-It's strange.

-What's strange?

-I just had another thought. Do you think it's...strange, to fall in love with a dream?

-Well, does it feel strange to you? doesn't.

-Then it's not strange at all. These things all depend on how you feel about them. If you don't think it's strange, then it does not matter what others think. Just so long as you're happy.

-I guess it does make sense, though.

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  1. Es hermoso soñar. Son propios, nadie puede decir si esta bien o no. Soñar no cuesta nada, mas lindo aun seria volverlos realidad.
    Pero recuerda!, los sueños, sueños son.